Sex Etc

A 13 Episode series - duration 24min

SEX etc, which launched on 11 May 2005, gives viewers a new perspective on sexual health.
It is presented by Big Brother`s charismatic Mark Pilgrim and Health24`s sexologist Dr Elna MacKintosh. 

"It`s a show about sexual health, and it never preaches," explains executive producer Mariette Cloete. "In each 24-minute episode we examine case studies around a specific theme, and real people tell their stories.

"Ultimately the show is about how our sexual relationships affect our health. Every week we explore a subject from many different angles and then we return to the studio where experts will explain how our physical, emotional and sexual health is affected."

Unique partnership between TV and the internet 

Health24 has launched a special SEX etc section. Viewers can consult Health24 after the show for further information, to complete online screening tests and quizzes, and even have the opportunity to discuss their most intimate concerns with a leading expert online. Complex topics and data are explained by means of illustrations. Mark Pilgrim admits SEX etc is quite a change for him. 

"In many ways I represent the viewer," he explains. "I don`t profess to be knowledgeable on a professional level on any of these subjects. That`s why, when I interview the experts, I ask questions that we believe the viewer would ask." 

Viewers can also participate. Mariette explains: "Viewers can pose questions to Dr Elna and other guest experts on Health24. SEX etc is not a live show, so we can`t answer questions immediately, but we will give feedback on questions, polls and debates on the website. The show is a forum for everyone to raise questions in a non-judgmental, purely factual environment."